Inspiring Stories 2018

I am lucky to witness most sunrises. Although my day is often already underway, I still try to a notice this new story.

I know what it is like to get up tired from a long and incredibly cold night of trying to sleep in a wet tent, or suffering on a long-haul flight when you’ve been surrounded by crying babies, or exhausted after caring through the night for an unconsolable child, the feeling can be somewhat the same. The soft warmth of the new day’s story takes the edge off your tired, red eyes, at least for a moment.

Here are 5 inspiring stories that I noticed in 2018 that I thought worthy to share:

  1. SOAR – This short animated film is a beautiful children’s story which explores and teaches the growth mindset. (06:00)
  2. Loved by All – Stunning outdoor cinematography, with a story of a young Sherpa learning about the risks his father took to support his family. (14:00)
  3. The PaperMaker – Hand-crafted papermaker describes the possibilities and the demand for this emotive art. (04:45)
  4. Real Self – A simple exercise to build empathy with your co-workers at work/community group. (2:35)
  5. Jiro Dreams of Sushi – An 80-year old sushi chef’s dedication to his craft. His restaurant has a Michelin star. (1:27:00)

These each What have been your gems of story inspiration in 2018?

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