The Walk

Yesterday I joined The Walk. The purpose of this walk was to raise awareness for the Antarctic Treaty which essentially is an agreement that protects the continent. In 2048, this international agreement expires.

Twenty years ago, I attended a presentation by a person who had just ‘wintered-over’ at Scott Base in Antarctica. ‘Wintering-over’ means that they spent the whole long, dark, sun-less winter at and around the Base. She had been working in the environmental field and her presentation was strongly along the conservation angle. Because of these two things, I looked up to her. At that particular time, I was at a decision-point of what I was to do next with my travels/job. I was speaking to her after the presentation and her advice to me at the time was…

“Sometimes you need to take a step back before you can move forward.”

It is a quote that I so often reflect on.

My step back

For the best part of 15 years, I was totally outdoor-focused, both in career, in my free time. I had worked hard to create and live an outdoor lifestyle. When my daughter was diagnosed with her rare disease, that lifestyle simply was no longer possible. Its not often I create outdoor focused content anymore.

Some old friends and colleagues organised an event called The Walk and I was asked to help them. In the event’s new Corona restricted form, individuals walked their own route in their own ‘backyard’. I decided to walk myself and help their media campaign with a simple piece of content.

Here was my 15-kilometre walk in 60 seconds.

It was refreshing to get the legs moving again yesterday. I loved being able to walk at my own pace. I enjoyed letting my mind visit friends of past and present… but it was a bit lonely.

In the local newspaper this past week, I read a story about a couple who were both in their 90’s and both had ‘survived’ Covid. Their tip was simply… ‘Get out and Walk.’

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