I have not yet visited Patagonia, but one day I would sure like to. The wild open spaces, the rugged landscapes and of course the mountains draw me in.

I have followed and been inspired by the clothing brand Patagonia for quite some years. Although I tend not to buy the product, its just too expensive for me, I support their philosophy, their values and their mission statement.

We’re in business to save our home planet.

PATAGONIA Mission Statement

These last few weeks, I have been experimenting with different and new for me papercut techniques. When this image came into my mind, I just wanted to make it. Intentionally, I made the text difficult to read. Black on black does that, however I wanted it to be subtle, I wanted the viewer to see something and with curiosity would need to come closer to read and see what was written.

Inspired by the earthrise image, I cut out Patagonia’s logo and created the mini earth.

If you are reading this Patagonia, this is the kind of T-shirt or hoody I would like to wear. Your message doesn’t need to scream “read me!” on a white tshirt with bold black letters, it might actually be better read on an example like this.

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