We are ALL Vulnerable

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you were born… we are all vulnerable. This was a strong lesson early in the Covid pandemic as developed countries also couldn’t offer protection to citizens. Even the ‘rich’ were vulnerable.

Yet, there are different levels of vulnerability.

In this post, I am focusing on physical health conditions. This group of vulnerable people, often patients, don’t have a strong or stable immune system to be able to fight a potentially deadly virus.

Being a “Patient”

My mother died of cancer. During her 10-year battle, she hated being put in a ‘patient’ box. Often one is treated differently as a patient. What I mean by this is, that the medical world copes better if a distance is created between a doctor and patient, meaning that the ‘human factor’ can at times evaporate. This can leave patient with ‘cold’ interactions which are exactly not what patients needs. Patients or vulnerable people need warmth.

My partner and I deal with 16+ medical professionals who provide professional care and specialists who help us manage our daughter’s health and well-being.

It is a daily balancing act to manage her health. Its a big job.

Our nearly 5 year old will never live independently. The national health system classes her: “Severely Mentally and Physically Disabled”

In short: she leans towards the severe side of vulnerability.

If or when I pause to take this in, it can be give a brutally heavy feeling. It is certainly not something that you would ever wish for your child or any child for that matter.

Acceptance is a process, an ongoing process.

However, the purpose of this post instead of dwelling on hardship, but to introduce a light hearted children’s story to help kids understand and remind them how to stay healthy in pandemic times, with a strong theme of vulnerability.


Egg is a new character in the KAKA books series. As we all know eggs are fragile. Eggs are easily broken. Eggs are vulnerable. So is Egg.

Im excited to announce that you will be able to meet Egg when my latest book in the KAKA series (#4) will be accessible from December 1.

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