Finish Strong!

A long and challenging year requires a strong finish. I can say this with absolute conviction, however in the times we live in, things can change quickly. Yet, goals are important.

Read my latest book from December 1. My goal with KAKA has been to develop a likeable character and I believe I have done that to date. In this latest book, “KAKA Does Care”, really care.

Covid has impacted all of us. Some more than others. But one of the most common themes with the current global pandemic is distance. It is a factor that we as a global population have been used to. Meeting and greeting has generally involved some intimacy, commonly by shaking hands. To hug when saying goodbye or hello to loved ones is often normal. A cosy dinner is now either not possible or distanced. Distance is much more common.

Distance, care, vulnerable, health and a hug are the book’s themes.

As a carer and parent of a child that will never be able to live independently, I have a good understanding of what is at stake. On December 1, read this book via my social media channels.

Finish Strong!

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