Rona Corona

KAKA 💩 is looking after a vulnerable friend, called Egg, when Rona Corona knocks at the door.

Rona wants to play a game called SNEEZE but KAKA chooses for a safer and healthier outcome.

Jon Earle (Author/Illustrator) is the father of a vulnerable child with disabilities and knows first hand what living with vulnerability means in COVID-19 time.

As an award-winning filmmaker, Earle transitioned into book publishing when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease, requiring 24/7 care. He lives in the Netherlands with his wife and family.

Suitable for children: 5-8 years

Illustrations: Hand-crafted Papercut

Author / Illustrator: Jon Earle

Type: Picture Book

Page Count: 34

Format: eBook

“Every page is a masterpiece.”

Alison Dawson

A beautifully crafted book that offers your child an opportunity to think about empathy.

Emily and Peter
Watch the 5-minute Animation Clip
The Making of …

Watch and be wow‘d how by the production of this book in this timelapse style video clip.

“Incredible attention to detail!”

December 3 “International Day for People with Disabilities”

Jon is relatively new to learning about disabilities, however is well aware of the invisible aspect of some disabilities such as mental health. His first book, ‘My Sparkle’ is a book based on his own mental health journey.

The theme of this years international campaign is…

“Not all disabilities are visible.”

International Day for People with Disabilities 2020

On December 3 this year, during the annual celebration of people with disabilities, the 2020 theme ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’ also focuses on spreading awareness and understanding of disabilities that are not immediately apparent, such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, sight or hearing impairments, diabetes, brain injuries, neurological disorders, learning differences and cognitive dysfunctions, among others.

If you would like to learn more about this celebrated day. Please visit the IDPWD website.


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