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KAKA Down the Bend


Toilet Basics is essential childhood knowledge. It makes for a significant step towards independence. KAKA helps make the introduction to the toilet fun and entertaining for both children and parents.

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The two characters, Kaka and Nappy, are light, funny and yet the letting go of their friendship is told with sensitivity. Kaka then faces the all important challenge of taking the leap of faith.

It is a short story to read, approximately 2 and a half minutes in length and creates curiosity about the things around the toilet. It has been tested and enjoyed time and time again, becoming a favourite.

BONUS: Boom-KAKA-Lack Dance video!

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1 review for KAKA Down the Bend

  1. Esmee Van Beek

    My daughter (4) keeps asking me to read it to her another time. She loves it!

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