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My Sparkle Author Jon Earle
My Sparkle Author Jon Earle

Navigating change can be hugely challenging. Anxiety, overwhelm, fear of the unknown can be very real during these times of instability.

You wish again to feel more stable, with a bounce in your step and a ‘sparkle’ in your eye …

My Sparkle Book sets out to support you during this transition.

Creatively produced, the combination of rhymes and images add layers of depth and the included workbook asks questions to help support your decision-making process.

Author, Jon Earle himself has lived through radical personal change. He hopes this book can support you in navigating your own change in real and practical ways.

I love the book. It epitomizes my school year, especially the agonizing process of picking which university to go to ~ Rachel

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Six different clips showing how waste materials were reused for the artwork, the development stages, the props and more…

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“It was honestly not what I expected. It was great and I loved the fact that it was so different.” ~ Kanna Washer (Student. Aged 12)