KAKA is on a mission to make toilet learning fun. This series is to support children as they take their first big steps towards being independent humans.

Down the Bend is the only book currently in print. Firetruck and Silly Billy are being published in 2020.

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KAKA ‘Down the Bend’

This book is a perfect introductory book that can be read long before children are even ready to start the toilet-training adventure. It is a toilet-awareness and education book all wrapped up with a story full of good tension, noises and laughter. Learn More.

KAKA ‘Firetruck!’

Firetruck is a fun bed-wetting book. KAKA falls to sleep when Firetruck appears in a dream. The tension builds as KAKA can not stop the water, which grows and grows and grows. Wake up! Learn More.

KAKA ‘Silly Billy’

Silly Billy is a fun toilet-bloopers book. KAKA’s friends Billy and Wombat get themselves into all sorts of mischief and KAKA helps show them a slightly less silly way of doing things. It is a book of short stories. Read a sample story.