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KAKA is your children’s favourite talking, poop character. Brave, fun and a great guide, KAKA helps children learn about basic health and hygiene in a fun and supportive way.

The KAKA Children’s Book Series

‘Toilet Introduction’

(Ages 1+)

This book is a perfect introductory book that can be read long before children are even ready to start the toilet-training adventure. It is a toilet-awareness and education book all wrapped up with a story full of good tension, noises and laughter.

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(Ages 2+)

Billy makes familiar toileting mistakes and accidents.

His friend KAKA, helps as a guide and teach Billy. This book of short stories covers different toileting scenarios in a hilarious way.

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(Ages 3+)

Firetruck is a fun bed-wetting book. When KAKA falls to sleep,

Firetruck appears in a dream. The tension builds as KAKA can not stop the water, which grows and grows and grows. Wake up!

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(Ages 5+)

Accompanied by a vulnerable Egg character, KAKA turns a potential disease spreading ‘sneeze’ around, to reduce Rona’s size and strength. Together, KAKA’s friends all celebrate with hugs after Rona’s somewhat unfortunate departure.

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Author and Illustrator Jon Earle produces these books himself. Earle brings these characters and stories to life using mostly paper and glue. His craft has become increasingly more technical throughout the creation of this series as he now further explores the use of light and shadows in his work. Here you can view the ‘Making of’ the Rona Corona book.

About the Author


Jon Earle is the father of a vulnerable child with disabilities and knows first hand what living with vulnerability means in Covid-19 time.

As an award-winning filmmaker, Earle transitioned into book publishing when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease requiring 24/7 care.

Earle lives in the Netherlands with his wife and family.