KAKA is on a mission to help both children and their parents or caregivers smile through this giant leap towards independence.

The production of these books are all handcrafted using paper and other materials.

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KAKA ‘Down the Bend’

This book is a perfect introductory book that can be read long before children are even ready to start the toilet-training adventure. It is a toilet-awareness and education book all wrapped up with a story full of good tension, noises and laughter. Buy here

KAKA ‘Firetruck!’

Firetruck is a fun bed-wetting book. When KAKA falls to sleep, Firetruck appears in a dream. The tension builds as KAKA can not stop the water, which grows and grows and grows. Wake up! Buy here.

KAKA ‘Silly Billy’

Billy makes toileting mistakes and has accidents while his friend KAKA helps as a guide. This book of short stories covers different toileting scenarios in a humorous way. Buy here