In the last few decades, learning about the toilet has changed! Why?

Nappies are expensive! Nappies are not great for the environment!

“Until the mid-1900s, the vast majority of babies finished toilet training by 2 years, and achieved nighttime dryness by 3 years.[8] Since then, the age for toilet training has increased dramatically. The convenience of disposable diapers, pull-up diapers (such as Huggies Pull-Ups introduced in 1989) and more efficient laundry facilities may contribute to this trend. “ Wikipedia

Start TODAY! Sign up to view the full video-book. BUY the physical book. Laugh together. Grow awareness. Make fart sounds. And start towards freeing yourself and your pocket from the nappy companies!

KAKA is a great companion for young toddlers and parents/caregivers to laugh and have fun with. Start toilet awareness with KAKA.

The noises, the sounds, the objects around the toilet, the dynamic of the toilet are brought to KAKA’s attention during this 28-page book and accompanying video-clip.

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