As a free-spirit, I roamed far and free,
Mountain adventures, rivers and sea.

A world-class adventurer I dreamed to be,
Inspiring action for sustainability.

My dream I do follow, against society’s grain,
Hundreds of jobs, with a mullet as my mane.

I pushed my boundaries physically,
Tested myself also mentally.

Freedom I had, my spirits so high,
What could go wrong for me a young guy?

My story felt good, most ducks in a row,
The world at my feet, go go go go!

All of a sudden, it was my time,
My world on it’s head, not even a sign…

A child was born, each day as a year,
Deep care needed, all was unclear!

Diagnosis unknown, I cannot breathe,
Balance lost. Sustainability?

‘Won’t happen to me’, I did not prepare,
Fall I do to the bottom of despair!

Stark it was, so dark down there,
Felt far from free. The thickest of air.

Glossy filters don’t work on the blackest of blacks,
Fake smile out of reach, an unfortunate fact.

Now at the extreme of my spirits you see,
No care for myself. How weak must I be?

My story had changed, so what do I do?
Head in my hands, or reach for the moon?

What ‘can’ I do? This I must choose!
Focus on can’t, be sure that I’ll lose!

Endurance I need, there is no quick fix,
I need to move! C’mon the clock ticks!

With everything I have, I take the first step,
No matter how small, I tell myself ‘Yep!’

Now I must repeat, repeat,
One step at a time, each a wonderful feat!

I will be climbing, no end is in sight,
Endurance and I, a lifelong story we write?

Change is not easy, a skill I must own,
To survive in this age or an opportunity thrown.

My freedom’s now different, instead I create,
Through pen and paper, to strengthen my state.

Mountains, rivers, lakes and the sea,
I really do love you, but I cry when I leave …

Use my pain, what ‘can’ I do?
Believe in myself and reach for the moon.

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