Rona Corona

I developed a Corona character back in April during the first lockdown but never published it. I didn’t feel I had a good enough reason to.

Putting the eyes on it made the real difference, but still it didn’t move from the shelf.

I wrote the text. I wasn’t happy with it. It stayed on the shelf.

Producing images for a book is a huge undertaking. A commitment. There were more important things to do. It stayed on the shelf.

I was feeling low myself after an intense time of care and home duties. Reinvestment in myself was needed. I wanted to end 2020 with a good story. So in mid October, I pushed the doubt aside and started image production.

During the course of image production, the purpose has become stronger and stronger, and energy has grown. Our world can change in an instant, so while health is good,

I’m pushing for launching on December 3, “International Day of People with Disabilities.”

Over the coming weeks, I am going to give you a behind the scenes view into how the book’s images are produced.

Please meet…

Rona Corona

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