My Sparkle in het Nederlands

A Dutch translation of ‘My Sparkle’ book is in progress. The book’s goal being to inspire and help stabilise young adolescents through a big change in their lives. My Sparkle will be tested in schools in the coming months for the age group, Year 8.

Why Year 8’s?

Students in Year 8 (12/13 years) face what could be their first major change. The Dutch education system requires students to decide on which direction to take through high school, to choose the best school for their needs and then require the student to transition successfully to the new school. This more than year-long process can cause some students all sorts of unrest and stress during a time when their bodies also are starting to go through puberty.


In the early stages of the My Sparkle book development, I gained important insight from two colleagues who saw this opportunity in the Dutch market.

Recently a change in the Dutch curriculum has created a potential opportunity that is worth exploring. Over the coming months, the Dutch translation of My Sparkle will be tested in schools. A small team is very excited about the potential feedback from students and this new opportunity!

Feature Photo: Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license (Pixabay)

Are you interested in a Dutch version?

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