KAKA is a poop character who engages young children in learning about toilet hygiene in a fun way. Adapting to a world with COVID, hygiene and sanitation have never been more important.

This series of books allows children to learn about toileting with the help of their parents or caregivers.

The reasons why I developed KAKA Down the Bend was to meet three real needs:

  • Helping a child with their angst;
  • Saving money; and
  • Supporting the planet.
Silly Billy Toilet paper

1. A story to help a child with their angst.

A young girl I know was struggling with the transition to be nappy-free. She had quite heavy emotions and resistance to sitting on the toilet. It was a stressful time for her. Plus her younger brother was soon to embark on a toilet-learning adventure himself.

My wife and I had read toilet-themed books to our eldest daughter when she started to show an interest in the potty. So I thought a book might also be a useful tool for this girl. Why not create a new story with the language they were using as a family?

So, I decided to write and create a short story and custom book for this girl and boy. I wrote a story and bought a blank notebook which I filled with very basic sketches.

After reading the book the first time, the girl went immediately to the bathroom to explore. Her mum and I heard a flush.

Both kids loved the story, especially the youngest. The simplicity of the images and the sounds made it easy for him to digest (1-2 year olds). I was delighted.

I could have walked away from this project by gifting a simple story to these kids, but I overheard a conversation with their mum and Opa. He asked, “How much do you spend on nappies each week?”

2. A book to help parents and caregivers save money.

The pull-up nappy was invented by companies to extend the time children needed to wear a nappy product, When pull-up nappies are worn, it can extend the length of time a child is dependent. This means a higher cost for the parent/caregivers.

I was motivated to help families save money, so I printed the KAKA Down the Bend to serve a wider audience.

Here is a general table of how much it costs for one child over a two year period.

Nappy Costs

£800 = approximately $US1000 / $NZ1400 / $AUS1400 / €850.

Table Source

As the parent of a special needs child, I invest at least an hour per day in helping our child poo. With a standing table, gravity helps her pass a motion. It is a big investment in time however her happiness and wellbeing improves with a regular motion. She will likely never been independent of using a nappy. We know what the costs are.

3. A series to support the planet.

Why am I personally motivated to build this series out?

It was not until I started developing the third book ‘Silly Billy’, that I gained real clarity about the link with the planet. Health and hygiene have never been such an urgent an issue to tackle.

The whole series is about hygiene; it is about water conservation; essentially it is all about sanitation.

Firetruck, the second book in the series is a fun story to help children with bed-wetting and ‘Silly Billy’ is a book about accidents, and we all know there are plenty of those.

KAKA is a lot of fun not only for children but also for the reader. Bedtime stories that are both meaningful and fun.

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