Silly Billy Cover

Starting off a new book project can be daunting, especially the cover design. The driving factor for Silly Billy in this book is learning about sustainability. The cover needs to reflect this connection with nature.

This is the third book in the KAKA series, aiming to help children learn about safe and hygienic toileting, in an entertaining and educational way.

Silly Billy Cover ‘Behind-the-scenes’

The Silly Billy cover kind of got away on itself. I hadn’t anticipated or planned to create such an intricate tree. As the stories evolved, it became clear that the tree was going to be a symbol for the theme of the book. ‘Sustainability.’

A book with multiple stories?

Yes, there will be multiple stories in this book. Researching all the different types of common ‘silly’ yet totally normal mistakes that young people make in their toilet learning was fun. I wanted these scenarios to be out in the open, all in one place so that a child could choose which story they wanted to hear.

Other fun characters appear in this book and I can’t wait to introduce them over the coming period. Sign up to my newsletter to stay up to date with the book’s development.

Personal Development

I am putting extra pressure on myself to ‘out-do’ my previous books. I am pushing myself to further develop my technical production skills. And I am really narrowing down my storytelling skills into a micro-format, meaning that every word must count! These are the goals anyway, and of course most importantly, to engage the kids.

The tree is good. However, the perfectionist in me would like it to have even more depth. That there are multiple layers. The good thing is, I know how to do this and as a result, I have built a new studio setup.

What would you like to know about Silly Billy? What unusual toileting bloopers have you experienced with young people? I’d love to hear your stories too 🙂

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