Papercut Art

When I first started the My Sparkle project I had no idea what Papercut Art was. In fact, three years later, I have only just discovered.

In the weeks since finishing the KAKA Firetruck project, I have been in a phase of research, learning and understanding. The papercut world is huge. The history is long, rich with important cultural significance on many continents.

During the Firetruck project, I was telling family that it took me the best part of an hour to build just one image. However, when it takes the best part of one year to finish a papercut piece, my perspective radically shifted at my ‘school-boy’ attempts. Still, in my view, my attempts are better than none.

This investigation has been humbling, inspiring and gives me a feeling that my work actually does fit… somewhere. Until this point, I hadn’t seen any other papercut work, other than the classic, cutting out snowflakes as a child.

As I now begin the next production KAKA ‘Silly Billy’, I will challenge myself to develop my technical skills and push my … art … to the next level, because I know, I have a long long way to go…

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