the ‘Firetruck’ Idea

Kids are enjoying KAKA Down the Bend so much that the sequel just had to be written in this toilet-training series!

The Idea

I first had this ‘Firetruck’ idea some months ago.

Usually, if I have an idea that I think is ok or good, I write it down. The Firetruck idea unfortunately didn’t make it to the notebook. But this idea got lucky, as for some reason it resurfaced. Not wanting to let it get away another time, I got to work.

Well, ‘work’ is a bit of a big word. It was late, I tried to write some lines, however, the timing wasn’t in my favour. I managed to get the broad and very rough story outline down on paper and slept on it. The next day, the idea made it into a story. Stoked!

I asked my 6-year-old for some art direction support.

“Could you please draw me a firetruck?” Initially, she said she couldn’t, which at this stage means she hasn’t yet tried to. I was busy with something else. Some minutes later she said, “Here you go. A Firetruck!”

Delighted! So, so delighted. The basic concept, the rough artwork and first draft of the story all developed “in a day”.

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