Firetruck is born

Creating a new character can be a lot of fun.

My strategy really is not to think too much. I based my character off my six-year-old daughter’s own artwork. Why? Because I do want it to appeal to her peers and I wanted to see what objects she found important on the vehicle.

I sketched out a few ideas. A full windscreen, the eyes were as headlights and the mouth was something else, but I felt none of them worked. I left the design for a week or more.

On returning with more energy and enthusiasm, I sketched out the images on the right. Separating the windscreen worked, splitting the cab from the ‘bumper’ became a mouth and the importance of eyebrows I find really helps with portraying emotion.


Once I had the basics in place, I moved into the production of the cutouts. With only one sheet of ‘hypnotic’ red, I had to really plan the images I needed, their scale and the order. It was great to have the dummy book as I was clearly able to view in a small physical format, what was needed and when.

My Sparkle book was a great way to experiment with cutouts as well as get into the complexities. However Firetruck has taken that again to another level.

Yesterday’s development day and shoot, was more than a full days work. During the shoot of the last images late in the evening, my back was hurting. It was time to stop. I shot a behind-the-scenes clip and edited it before I turned in for the evening (coming soon).

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