FireTruck Dummy

A dummy is basically a test book.

With a dummy book in hand, you are able to get a feel of the page layout, the flow, the size and scale. For me, it is an essential part of the production process. Once I have a physical version, I can really get a sense of the all-important tension that I hope to build for the reader, as the book progresses.

Once the dummy is completed, I can then move into the testing phase.

The urge and the excitement I feel when it starts to become real can be frustrating. I just want to push on and complete it. But the reality is that I have other duties, responsibilities and jobs to do.

What I know from my last two books is that time away from your work helps. When you are in that zone of momentum, you maybe fear that you will lose the flow, you will lose your focus, life will get in the way and you won’t find a way back. But what I know is, that during a couple of weeks or even more, the book, the ideas, the visuals will quietly simmer away in the background. When you come back, and you will… You come back with fresh energy, a fresh perspective and this, in the long-run, will only help your production.

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