‘Book in a Day’ Experiment

“Gaaf! Nog een mooi boek.” (meaning ‘Great! Another beautiful book.’)

What started as a ‘Book in a Day’ experiment is soon to become a finished book.

I very much like to surf. I also love to witness the incredible power of nature. In early 2018, my wife had booked a 3-day break for us so that we could be away, have quality time with our eldest daughter and for me to surf. We timed our trip for the start of the winter storm season (October). We arrived in Portugal to one of these infrequent storms. A total coincidence!

Nature Wave
Wave at Nazare (Portugal)

Some of the biggest waves in the world stopped me from surfing, but they were truly a privilege to witness. Empowered by the ocean, I instead started this experiment in my last 24 hours, to see if I could create a ‘Book in a Day’.

The following behind-the-scenes clip shows my creative process and how I used waste beach plastic to create the book’s two characters ‘Creativity’ and ‘Doubt’.

I am now in the testing phase of the workbook. The workbook will be a step by step guide to support teachers, parents, or want-to-be writers to get the first real draft of a book written.

Book in a Day Workbook Development

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