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Nederlands Rona Corona (KAKA)

Translation complete. This blog is published in English, however, most of my books are now translated for the Dutch market. My written language skills are improving but I am unable to finish a translation without a lot of help. Thanks to Aukje as always and this time also to Suzanne Strathoff for her timely input […]

Rona Corona Animation

Homeschooling children during lockdown can be a challenge. Good and relevant pandemic related resources for children can be hard to find.
Encourage your kids (5-7 years) to stay healthy during lockdown with this animated clip of the children’s book KAKA ‘Rona Corona’.

The Walk

Yesterday I joined The Walk. The purpose of this walk was to raise awareness for the Antarctic Treaty


I am delighted, nervous and excited to launch my new book Rona Corona (KAKA). Getting to the start line to launch a new product is an achievement in itself. The doubt one needs to navigate, the self-talk one needs to calm, the procrastination one needs to avoid, the can list go on … Book publishing […]

International Day for People with Disabilities

Celebrated on December 3, is the International Day for People with Disabilities. The theme of of this years event is “Not all Disabilities are Visible” and I could not think of a more relevant moment for this focus. Mental health is a prime example of a potential invisible disability in this time of COVID-19. INTERNATIONAL […]

Rona Corona

I developed a Corona character back in April during the first lockdown but never published it.

We are ALL Vulnerable

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you were born… we are all vulnerable.

Finish Strong!

A long and challenging year requires a strong finish. I can say this with absolute conviction, however in the times we live in, things can change quickly. Yet, goals are important.

New Dummy

Last night I put together the new dummy for Silly Billy. I’ve added a new story to open the book which I hope will ensure that the readers keep turning pages. There are five separate stories in total but like a music album, they tell a story as a whole. There are still some small […]


I have not yet visited Patagonia, but one day I would sure like to. The wild open spaces, the rugged landscapes and of course the mountains draw me in. I have followed and been inspired by the clothing brand Patagonia for quite some years. Although I tend not to buy the product, its just too […]

Happy Dayz

Happy Dayz is a clip featuring three mates who attempt the challenging ‘Tour de Monte Rosa’. The visual narrative draws you into the highs and lows of this stunning hike.

Coming soon

Pivoting isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially when one loves what was. Acceptance can be hard. Five years ago I reluctantly shifted from projects with an outdoor and sustainability focus, to projects confined within four walls. I have learned so much. The best thing now is when I get the chance to chase […]

Silly Billy Cover

Silly Billy received a cover revamp. I shot the previous cover in the New Year and I was delighted with it. The intricacy, the detail, the depth were all things that I pushed myself on. Yet with 6-months since it was shot, I felt it still wasn’t enough, it was not full enough, and once […]


Over the past months, I have been producing birthday cards for family. With no intention other than to make a family member smile, it has been a good way to further develop skills and continue creating content during a busy lockdown period.

Silly Billy Cover

Starting off a new book project can be daunting, especially the cover design. The driving factor for Silly Billy in this book is learning about sustainability. The cover needs to reflect this connection with nature.

The Bell

To those who suffer, to those who fight,
To those who are lying awake at night.

Carers Mental Health

The mental health of carers is so crucial, yet so often neglected.

a revelation

I began the third KAKA book and was hit by a revelation.

A Brave Transition

A transition requires you to be brave. They are so often difficult with managing the unknown. So how could transitions be made easier?


KAKA is a poo character who engages young children in safe and clean uses of the toilet in a fun way. This series of books allows children to learn about toileting with the help of their parents or caregivers.

5 Ways to Survive the UNKNOWN

The UNKNOWN is like navigating through a ‘wilderness’. You feel small, vulnerable and ‘on-edge’. It can be a good tension which is motivating or it can be ..

Sustainable Happiness

A happiness that is sustainable is perhaps ‘the thing’ most people struggle with, especially in times of immense challenge and or uncertainty.

Silly Billy

Read a sample story in the KAKA children’s book series called Silly Billy.

‘In Our Nature’ Photo Series

‘In Our Nature’ is a long term photography project, documenting a growing family in natural outdoor scenes. I no longer work as a photographer, this series, however, keeps the photography hunger alive.

Papercut Art

When I first started the My Sparkle project I had no idea what Papercut Art was.

Firetruck Finished!

I am pleased to announce that Firetruck is Finished!

Firetruck Development

The further I get into this Firetruck project, the more details go into it’s development.


The BOOM-KAKA-LACK Dance has become official. It is a real thing!

Which is MOST Silly?

Which of these characters is most ‘Silly’?

How far do you go?

I must say, I do surprise myself as to how far I go, at how far I push myself.

Firetruck is born

Creating a new character can be a lot of fun.

FireTruck Dummy

A dummy is basically a test book.

Back on Track

KAKA had a bit of a holiday but is now back on track.

the ‘Firetruck’ Idea

Kids are enjoying KAKA Down the Bend so much that the sequel just had to be written in this toilet-training series!


KEUZESTRESS? In een wereld waar je zo veel beslissingen moet nemen, ligt stress om de hoek. Keuzestress neemt de lezer mee op een schatzoektocht om vier bijzondere perspectieven te vinden. Ga je mee?

KAKA is Delivered!

KAKA was delivered this week! Toilet-training can be at times a messy and even stressful process. However, I can say with complete honesty… so can the creative process!

KAKA Down the Bend Video-Book

I created a videobook of KAKA Down the Bend to give a richer experience. Books are awesome because I believe it to be so important to have non-digital time however being able to add audio and sound effects to me are a powerful way to educate on a deeper level. We all learn in different […]

KAKA Cover Selection

The cover selection process is important. For KAKA Down the Bend I was suprised. With my rational head, I thought it was most important to show the character KAKA, busy with the activity of reading a book whilst on the toilet. In this one image, I thought would translate what the story was about ~ […]

Sea of Grief

The ‘Sea of Grief’ can be a lonely place to be stranded. It is a true wilderness area.

Up ‘Shit Creek’ without a Paddle?

Well after all these years, I finally got my shit together and wrote the book you’ve always needed… “Kaka Down the Bend.” Even if you have passed this wonderful phase, I still reckon this shit book will put a smile on ya dial.

KAKA Down the Bend!

Struggling to get your child to use the toilet and say goodbye to the Nappy? This book was produced to help entertain both children and parents during this transition often filled with frustration and even fear.

My Sparkle in het Nederlands

A Dutch translation of ‘My Sparkle’ book is in progress. The book’s goal being to inspire and help stabilise young adolescents through a big change in their lives. My Sparkle will be tested in schools in the coming months for the age group, Year 8. Why Year 8’s? Students in Year 8 (12/13 years) face […]

‘Book in a Day’ Experiment

"Gaaf! Nog een mooi boek." (meaning 'Great! Another beautiful book.') What started as a 'Book in a Day' experiment is soon to become a finished book. I very much like to surf. I also love to witness the incredible power of nature. In early 2018, my wife had booked a 3-day break for us so [...]

Living with DIFFEЯENCE

My wife and I have a daughter, a different daughter. She does and will always need special care. Together with her sister, we try to live as normally as we can. Since her birth, my wife and I have been documenting 'life'. The purpose of this story is yet to be developed. Once produced, it [...]

Speel Geluk

Creative and Photography for Dutch non-profit organisation Speel Geluk.

Doubt vs Creativity

SYNOPSIS Create a Book in a Day AND Clean the Beach! 'Doubt', the Antagonist shows up quickly when hearing such a bold claim. Will 'Creativity' have the courage to keep going against the odds? This short children's story was created using plastic waste found on a beach. The included WORKBOOK shows you step by step, [...]

Spirit of the Mullet

A 'Mullet' is haircut. A haircut isn't special until you do something with it, until it represents something important. Wearing a mullet is about gaining a 'different perspective', one that would help me to move forward. It takes courage to wear a mullet. You take a risk to be laughed at, questioned and even . [...]

My Sparkle Animation

This short animation features the initial scenes of the My Sparkle book. It was produced for the successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the first print of the book. The voice-over is the voice of my eldest daughter. English is her second language aged 4. The success of the campaign is largely due to her skills. [...]


As a free-spirit, I roamed far and free, Mountain adventures, rivers and sea. A world-class adventurer I dreamed to be, Inspiring action for sustainability. My dream I do follow, against society's grain, Hundreds of jobs, with a mullet as my mane. I pushed my boundaries physically, Tested myself also mentally. Freedom I had, my spirits [...]

Spirit Compass

There is one constant factor throughout our lives. Change. Often for youth, the first big change is the transition from primary school to high school. The stress, uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm this period creates can be a challenge to navigate. Other big changes: the transition from high school to further education or the workforce; a [...]

Joris en Gijs

Joris, a donkey and Gijs take a walk through beautiful Brabant exploring local treasures along the way. Together with Gijs Loning, this pilot was produced.


Dennis is an world-class athlete, passionate about simple living and a really nice guy. This small portrait gives an insight into his lifestyle.

Endurance Ultra Marathon

***** Award-Winning ***** Exploring the parallels between endurance and how we today, are living on the planet. Ultra marathon runner Matt Williamson shares personal insights from his dedication to endurance and how he has overcome challenges in becoming an international athlete. His story evokes emotion and combined with stunning imagery, this short film takes the [...]

Dit is Mijn Gelderland

Together with Shaun Leyden (Mintamatics), we aimed to teach the viewers of Dutch Province Gelderland the Basics of Camera Work and Filmmaking. This project was produced for Dutch Television Broadcaster Omroep Gelderland. Broadcast Clips: 90-Second Broadcast Behind the Scenes: Learn Tips n Tricks Clip Information: Location: Various Gelders Locations Shot with Smart Phone (iphone) Learn [...]

Trees for All

Camera, sound and lighting services for Trees for All’s sustainability documentary. The documentary features leading sustainability experts including a ‘Call to Action’ by Dutch Princess Laurentien.

Expeditie Geluk

Expeditie Geluk was a 62-day walking event around the circumference of the Netherlands, raising awareness for the country's 400,000 'unhappy/under privileged' children. Philip de Roo was the main face and co-organiser of this endurance event. I independently provided event photography services for the team's media team and shot motion and produced a 22-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, including [...]

A Year on the Mountain

We Will Clean Up!

For Respect the Mountains annual cleanup series, a community driven music video was produced using Queen’s “We will rock you!” Having produced the film and track I went to EMI Music (copyright owner) to gain permission for use, and was denied. This was never used publicly.

Europa is Top

Two adventurers set out to climb to the highest point of each European country and discover all the wonderful things, places and people that make Europe shine. This bi-lingual pilot for students in the Benelux was produced to support European Citizenship education. Produced in collaboration with Peter Heres and Aukje van Gerven.

Respect the Mountains

1 million Dutch tourists visit the European Mountains each year. Respect the Mountains was established to support these tourists in becoming more sustainable throughout the whole experience.


Journey to the Source

My Sparkle Book Behind-the-Scenes

'My Sparkle' Development Waste Materials Transformed Handcrafted Props Cover Shoot Artwork Creation Hand Wrapped and Fulfilment

beetroute EDU

Beroep Avonturier

Bark Cloth

Pole to Pole